What is VoIP?
June 29, 2020 | Andrea Madden

As we mentioned in our previous post, one of the main facets of unified communications is voice and video calling, specifically VoIP. If that term is unfamiliar to you, it simply means “voice over internet protocol.” Essentially, when you call someone using VoIP, the call is transmitted over your internet connection, instead of a landline.

There are several ways you can utilize VoIP in your business. You can have an adaptor that turns a regular phone into a VoIP phone, or you can also use an IP phone to make calls directly over the internet. You can also utilize a VoIP provider and make calls directly through VoIP.

If all of this sounds confusing, let’s break it down by showing some of the benefits that your business will see from utilizing VoIP:

  • Lower costs

You can make calls to anyone, anywhere, using your internet connection. This means you eliminate the costs of setting up a landline and having to sign a contract for that service.

  • Better flexibility and mobility

With VoIP, you are able to customize your services to your needs and add or remove users and lines as needed. Additionally, you will have increased connectivity with all employees, including remote workers and people who are out in the field, such as your sales team.

  • Ease of installation and tons of features

Most VoIP systems can be set up and used very quickly, meaning there will be little, if any, affect to your current telecommunication system. Additionally, VoIP can integrate with other business tools, and offers a robust set of features that you can’t get with a traditional phone system, such as access to video calling.

One of the key VoIP tools that TAG Solutions utilizes is called Mitel Connect. With Mitel Connect, you have the ability to make calls from your computer or cell phone, using your business phone number, even if you’re using a personal cell phone to make the call. This means that you can be there for your employees and your customers whenever you need to be, without having to manage multiple devices or methods of communication.

If you would like more information on the VoIP services we offer, please reach out to our sales team and they will help you determine what’s right for your business. And check back next week as we keep diving into the world of unified communications!