1. Can You Hear Me Now? The Future of Unified Communications

    Can You Hear Me Now? The Future of Unified Communications September 21, 2020 | Andrea Madden When email was first adopted by businesses in the mid to late 90's, it revolutionized the way companies and employees were able to communicate. It made communication faster and much easier. While email is st…Read More

  2. Unified Communications for SMB

    Unified Communications for SMB July 30, 2020 | Andrea Madden One of the biggest challenges facing small to medium sized businesses is the need to stay competitive while also managing costs. Unified communications offer several solutions for businesses that won't break the bank, but will allow them t…Read More

  3. Why Messaging is the New Email

    Why Messaging is The New Email July 13, 2020 | Andrea Madden Email has always been the standard when it comes to communications in business. Despite the fact that it can have delayed response times, create confusion among your employees, and just overall slow down your business processes, it is stil…Read More

  4. Why Video Conferencing is The Future of Communications

    Why Video Conferencing is The Future of Communications July 6, 2020 | Andrea Madden When we think of using video conferencing in the workplace, many of us see it as a relatively new innovation. But back in 2012, 93% of communications professionals predicted that video conferencing would become a cru…Read More

  5. What is VoIP?

    What is VoIP? June 29, 2020 | Andrea Madden As we mentioned in our previous post, one of the main facets of unified communications is voice and video calling, specifically VoIP. If that term is unfamiliar to you, it simply means "voice over internet protocol." Essentially, when you call someone usin…Read More

  6. What is Unified Communications?

    What is Unified Communications? June 22, 2020 | Andrea Madden Unified communications is a term that gets used a lot in business, but do you really know everything that it encompasses? When TAG Solutions was founded in 1991, we focused solely on unified communications, so we have been on the cutting …Read More