The Most Simple and Elegant VoIP Solution Ever Created

TAG Solutions works with CEOs, CFOs and IT Managers to deliver new Unified Communication functionality such as, instant messaging, mobility, VoIP, conferencing, and contact center to end users while leveraging existing legacy PBX systems through iron clad integration efforts.

CEOs and CFOs look to TAG Solutions when suffering from these Telephony challenges:

Irritated about the ridiculous amount of time it takes to fix telephone problems.

Uncertain about how to integrate new VoIP technology with legacy platforms.

Looking for a telephony system that is incredibly easy to manage and takes seconds to make common configuration changes.

Suffering from the burden of costly telephone maintenance fees.

Searching for a way to save $$ on monthly telephone bills.

Worried about excessive liability and exposure corresponding with VoIP security threats and vulnerabilities.

Depend on enterprise contact center features and reporting .

Perplexed about emerging technologies and how they can be leveraged in their business (such as Cloud VoIP).

Continually embarrassed by poor technology implementations.

Seeking a solution for tricky E911 and emergency notification requirements.

Tired of the restraints corresponding with old telephony cabling.

Cannot tolerate phone outages!

Overwhelmed by the thought of training end users to use a new phone.

Unified Communications Offerings

Our services allow for people to connect, communicate and collaborate with simplicity and ease. Products and services TAG Solutions provides include:

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Video Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Enterprise Contact Center Applications


Physical Infrastructure

Collaboration Platforms

E911 & Emergency Notification Systems

Overhead Paging

Electronic Fax (Efax)

Internet and Dial Tone Brokerage

3 Things We Do Better


Our team specializes in integrating new VoIP telephone systems with old dinosaur telephone systems. That means our clients have the option of replacing their old phone system over a period of time, as opposed to incurring replacement costs all at once. We can also reuse all of your old peripheral equipment too, such as IVR systems, call recording systems, night bells, overhead paging, and automatic dialers! This methodology is perfect for the customer that wants to replace old technology with new technology in a phased approach.

Just look what Balchem Corporation had to say:

“I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to be working with Jim on this Covington project. With so many moving parts from the phone system, wireless network, cabling to all the other pieces we have to put together, it is a huge help to have someone as knowledgeable, flexible and easy to work with as Jim.”

– Jeffrey McCartney, Corporate Informations Systems Manager


Training end users is critical for a successful installation of a new phone system that we include it, at no cost in every implementation. We provide 1 hour, instructor led, classroom style training to each and every end user before the new phone system is cutover. We teach end users to use the features of the new telephone and software using a live demo kit, with real phones and computers during our training sessions. Users learn how to execute common features such as conferencing, call transfer, paging, call park, redial, etc. We also take adequate time to teach them how to setup and use their new voicemail box! Then, we send a crew of trainers and technicians to the customer’s office the day after the new phone system “goes live” to walk around and help end users with any questions they may have about using the new phones and software! Lastly, we also include – at no cost – system administration training. Our certified technicians will teach our customers how to make common system changes such as creating / modifying a user, creating / modifying an auto attendant, resetting voicemail passwords and much more.

Just look what this Regional Bank had to say:

“I just wanted to pass on a word of appreciation regarding Jimmy Alberelli. As you know he performed our Mitel upgrade as well as the “What’s New” training and the Bank is incredibly happy with the outcome. Many senior management members have specifically mentioned how please they are with how the system is now and how applicable and professional the training was. I look forward to may more projects in the future.”

– Systems Engineer, Regional Bank

We Do Data Networking Too!

We’ve learned that a great VoIP telephone system requires a great underlying data network. There is nothing more irritating than having your important phone call be interrupted with static, voice clipping or one way audio. It is incredibly easy to make sure that phone calls have pristine quality if you take the time to prepare the data network for voice traffic. Before we even think about installing VoIP phones, we assess the data network and verify that proper configuration parameters are in place – so our customer will never experience a phone call with poor quality. And by the way – we do not have the phone technicians perform this work, instead we have one of our certified network engineers do it because they understand network switching and routing way better!

Just look what Keeler Motor Car Co. had to say:

“We have been TAG clients for going on 10 months now and couldn’t be happier with the switch we made. The phone system (Mitel) is fabulous, but better than that is the TAG Solutions support staff. They have been available to answer questions/concerns and help when we have had trouble with our network equipment interfacing with the phones. Their staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty when necessary.”

– Shannon Younkin, Controller.

Project Management

Technology implementations have many moving parts, critical deadlines, important objectives and numerous stakeholders. It is imperative to conduct installations using a well define project management methodology. We assign and dedicate an experienced project manager to each and every job. We spend time up front on planning activities such as project scheduling, resource management and procurement. We define a communication strategy that effectively provides stakeholder with regular status updates and effective risk management. We are determined to execute the scope, manage costs and hit deadlines